The Fire From Within

Daoism theories use symbols to describe phenomena of reality, hence each of the Five Elements represent an aspect of a dynamic process, they are:

Fire – embodiment, definition, action, dynamic phase, design

Water – contemplation, calmness, (re-) consideration, observation, reflection

Metal – sinking, contraction, declining

Earth – alteration, transformation, transmutation, change, convert

Wood – rising, development (of an action), impulse, expansion, decampment

This article will explore about the fire element in us that is embodied in our heart and small intestine.


The heart is the ruler of your body, mind, and spirit. He is the most important person in the project of blood circulation. Your heart’s chi flows up to your brain then down to balance your organs. It is most active in 11 a.m to 1 p.m.

The heart is the home of the spirit. In a best condition, your heart transforms energies into kindness, courage, joy, and gentleness. Although all organs are important, the heart is the favorite organ in every culture. In Chinese medicine, the heart is known as the Emperor of the Five Vital Organs. Its function is to issue the Imperial Fire Energy of love.

Fire energy is youthful and fuels art, inspiration, creativity, it is the force of genius. Beside heart, fire chi is also regulated by your small intestine. Their health show on your eyes and face. It is easy to recall a face of your friend who has an abundant fire energy, even when she is not anywhere near you. Her face has a radiant, rosy lustrous complexion and is bright and lively.

It is not surprising that this energy also feeds hormones and the endocrine system.


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